About Us

Cafe D'Vine is based around nutritious, healthy portions of food,  specialty roasted coffee drinks, whole-fruit and vegetable smoothies, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Tapas, and more.  We use fresh ingredients from our Cafe Organic Garden and local farms.  Everything we make is from scratch--including our bakery items. We specialize in gluten-free, vegan, and/or dairy free bakery item that rotate daily.

Café D Vine is the only Specialty Coffee Café in Onalaska. You will always get fresh roasted coffee beans. Our Coffee Beans are shipped to us as soon as they are roasted. Our Roaster makes a special blend for us which we call “The D Vine Bean”. As Crazy as it sounds, fresh is a relative term. Coffee is not ideal when it is fresh out of the roaster. As part of the roasting process, gases develop inside the structure of the coffee bean. Upon exiting the roaster, these gases – carbon dioxide –begin escaping the bean which is called “degassing”. We here at the Café D Vine degas our coffee beans for 3 days before brewing.

We also love wine.  And here at the Cafe we hope to provide you with an experience unlike anything in the area. We know that choosing the right bottle of wine can often be confusing, and sometimes intimidating. Our goal is to simplify for you what can be a complex decision and guide you in your journey to find that perfect wine for you, a friend, or even just to take home to enjoy.  So sit back, relax and enjoy! 

 Cafe D'Vines atmosphere is elegant, romantic, bold, inviting, relaxing, and unique with an entire wall of windows and a large outdoor seating area.  Take a look through our website for menus, happy hour specials, wine and cheese tasting events, multiple course meals, Pop up Dinners with Featured Chefs and more!  

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